A Realtor’s job is not always an easy one. We here at Genesis Home Inspections know how busy your day can be. From showing homes, scheduling appointments, inspections, contractors and so much more! We know that your job is hard and we appreciate everything that you do! It does not go unrecognized.

To show our appreciation for that hard work, we have special items to assist you with your everyday work in and out of the office to make your job easier! Below are links to Specialized Check lists and even Life Expectancy Charts designed for your real estate needs.

Links to Resources Just for You Just Print

Your client’s final walk-thru before closing is their last opportunity to confirm that everything operates as intended. As their REALTOR, you can help them perform a final assessment of the condition of the home just before the client and owner finalize the paperwork for the sale. The final walk-thru is not to be taken lightly!

The Life Expectancy Chart is to provide you with common problems and typical life spans with components throughout your clients potential home. This sheet can help you educate your clients.

Whether you assisting a buyer or seller, this Home Inspection Check List will help your client get a cleaner inspection report as well as understand what they may see in the report. Simply print and give the check list to your client before their inspection.

Our main focus here at Genesis Home Inspections is to educate (and not panic) our clients to the best of our ability at the time of the home inspection and beyond. We want the client to be happy with the new home from the moment they close and take possession! Use this document to help them. Simply print the document and hand it to them. The Preventive Maintenance Check List is self explanatory.

This check list is designed to remind you to check things before the winter, typically in the fall that you may have forgot from the spring and summer. Items such as reverse the ceiling fans, check the filters, check the gutters, and much more.

Free Training for Realtors and Realty Offices

Training for New Realtors

We provide a 15-30 minute class for new and upcoming realtors which include:
* The top 10 problems with homes and what to look for
* The typical life span of components of a home
* Learn how to prepare your sellers home for an inspection
* What to know about the inspection report and what about the report is important to review with the client

Preventive Maintenance & Fall Maintenance Class

This class will help the realtor educate the client on preventive maintenance in the home. Along with the checklist we provide, the realtor will be able to assist or walk the client through the maintenance with ease. Its a good way to show the clients that the realtor cares about their investment and build a great relationship!

Pre-listing Home Inspection Class

A key factor in having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection, is the ability to identify problems before putting the home on the market and a buyer’s home inspection. This inspections will ensure that repairs can be done on your own terms.

Home Inspections Checklist & Final Walk-through Checklist Class

In this class, learn about everything you need to know regarding what will be on the upcoming home inspection and on the opportunity to perform a final assessment of the condition of the home just before the client and owner finalize the paperwork for the sale.


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