Why Hire Me You Ask?

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I am one of the few home inspectors that will explain to you what YOU WILL ACHIEVE WITH OUR SERVICES! Quality of service and customer satisfaction is key! The end goal is “Peace of Mind”. “But Luis, many home inspectors tell me the same thing.” Yea, but money is their motivator. Not mine! Sure, money is important. How about the needs of the customer and your reputation to provide excellent services and grow your business above and beyond home inspections? I am in the business of serving others. Home Inspections is just the type of business I run.

Many home inspectors will say, “I can say no to whoever I want” or “I’ve been doing this for many years and people are jerks.”  I have been doing customer service almost my entire adult life. It’s all the same. Keep the client happy so that they can see that you really care and listen intently. Yea there are a hand full that are hard to deal with, but you do the best you can to listen and be the best at what you do to help. Even when that may not work, you can still show everyone else that is watching your every move, that you handled it well, during and after the inspection (customer negative reviews) with professionalism. People will see that, and still use your services.

I know this lady, she had a plumbing issue with her toilet. She called a plumber and they came to fix the issue. She realized after a few days that it was not fixed properly. So, she calmly called back the plumbing company and the OWNER himself came to fix the problem. At no extra charge! Yea, you do expect not paying for any issues that arises from a contractor coming out and supposedly fixing the issue. However, customer service and satisfaction are important! The lady told me she has referred the plumber and his company to others and will continue to do so because of the customer service. People make mistakes and the plumber’s customer service resulted in customer satisfaction!

So why hire me? Your investment is important to me as it is to you. You want a safe home for you and your family. I will assure you that my findings will be explained in the best possible way to ease any fear of an unsafe home. I strive to educate the client, not scared them from having their dream house. I love to serve the client and their needs.  I believe Genesis Home Inspections can be more than being in the business of making money. We are in the business of making families happy and providing peace of mind. Customer satisfaction, is our number one priority!



genesis_home_inspector_logo why hireGenesis Home Inspections provides  Five Star Inspection, Buyer Inspection, Seller Inspection, 11 Month Warranty Inspection, Roof Inspection, Other Inspections, Des Moines, Ankeny, Urbandale, Clive, and the surrounding areas.

When you or someone you know needs the services of a quality home inspection company, we would truly appreciate you thinking of us. You can schedule right from our website or call our office now (515) 635-4499

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